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About devweb3000

devweb3000 is the Computer and Information Sciences' web server for development work and student projects. Use of this server is valid for staff and PGR students only! .

The devweb3000 server is running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux and uses the Apache web server, it can be used to develop projects using the following technologies:

Please refer to the above for more information on using them.

Using devweb3000

Your account by default contains a DEVWEB directory in your Unix home directory. When you login to a Departmental Windows PC you will find this DEVWEB directory mapped to your Q: drive.

All devweb3000 files must be located in a directory called 3000 within your DEVWEB directory. If this directory does not exist, the first thing you should do is create this directory. This can be done with the following commands on any Linux computer (or
mkdir ~/DEVWEB/3000

With the exception of HTML, CGI, PHP and Tomcat you must email Systems Support to have your account enabled for the specific areas that your require.

Accessing devweb3000 from home

If you are accessing devweb from outside the department you need to use https for web-based services, and SSH tunneling for CVS, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle as all other access is blocked by our firewall.

See this page for more details.

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